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Intelligent Lighting System | An Industry First

A pioneer in developing and implementing next-generation LED lighting solutions, Digital Lumens is taking a game-changing approach to the commercial and industrial lighting market. With the introduction of the first Intelligent Lighting System, the company is combining LEDs, networking, and software into a single, integrated system that reduces customers’ lighting-related energy use by up to 90 percent. The LED lighting company is distinguished by breakthrough technology, a management team of proven visionaries from the solid-state lighting and distributed networking industries, and proven results from real-world client deployments.

100% of the lighting for 10% of the cost

Digital Lumens’ next-generation, LED-based lighting systems deliver 100% of the light for 10% of the energy cost. The result? Our customers dramatically reduce the cost of lighting their facilities, gain precise control over where, when and how much light is available, and slash their carbon footprint.

Superior performance, reliability, and ROI

Specifically designed for commercial and industrial environments, Digital Lumens’ solutions provide superior operational performance, reliability and durability. By decreasing both energy consumption and ongoing maintenance, customers are able to achieve a rapid return on investment (ROI), and can invest the dollars saved in other areas of their businesses.

Next-generation lighting. Today.

Since the invention of the incandescent bulb, there have been few real innovations in the lighting industry, especially with regard to energy efficiency.  But lighting remains one of the most effective ways to drive down energy usage and there are still opportunities for dramatic improvements. Digital Lumens is meeting that challenge and delivering the next-generation of lighting solutions that will redefine customers’ performance and energy consumption expectations. Today.