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Why Choose PereGreen Energy?

We provide full LED lighting solutions to the Industrial sector and our core product is Intelligent Connected LED Light fixtures. That’s it!

We partner with the best lighting companies in the world to bring premium solutions to market. Simple!
There are great benefits to changing over to LED, everyone knows that – that’s the easy bit! The real rewards are in the use of intelligence.
Connected LED fixtures with integrated intelligence, each fixture talking to another, driving efficiency like no other system on the market!
Literally! Please check! No lighting system offers this level of intelligence, functionality, operational capability or business insight to its user than the systems we offer.

Industry 4.0 excites us. Its potential. Its effect on productivity, sustainability & lean production. PereGreen Energy have been bringing Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) to Irish facilities since 2012. A lot has happened in the past four years and it’s the anticipation of where the next four will take us that drives and motivates us. That’s why our current partners chose us, that’s why you should chose us.

We Deliver Affordable Solutions

No two facilities are the same, no two clients are the same. Every situation is unique so we tailor every single project to suit a very specific set of client needs.

We also tailor the project economics. We work to ensure that a project suits the budget. Clarity is key – from the outset we work to make a project affordable for our client. We organise grant funding as well as project financing where required.

We Offer the Highest Quality LED Lighting Products

We are not a wholesaler. We are not a distributor. We are not ‘flipping’ product for a few euros less than the next guy.
We design, supply and install high quality LED systems.

We have a specific product, for a specific client. If you put value in quality components, superior build quality and workmanship, then we have a product that will interest you.

We Have an Excellent Customer Support

At PereGreen Energy we retain over 80% of all our customers. At some point after we initially work together, our clients return to work with us again. This has been a surprising and deeply humbling realisation. This can only happen when a client completely trusts us. We can only be trusted when deliver what we promise, when we promise and when our product continues to deliver long after we have left the site.

We always say “I never, ever want to get a call from a client 1 year after an installation saying there is a problem, I just want them ringing to order for the next phase!”. This happens regularly and it’s the greatest feeling. It just reinforces that what we are doing is right.

The product is right, the process is right, the team is right. And the customer is right!

How You Benefit

Your facility will look and feel better. Employees will Thank You!
You’ll save energy. Accounts department will Thank You!
No more changing bulbs and ballasts. Maintenance will Thank You!
Reduce your carbon footprint. The Planet will Thank You
The best businesses in Ireland & the UK are already working with us – we would love the opportunity to work with you.

Check out our Portfolio to get a sense of the great customers we work with.