Ultimate Control through Overhead Intelligence

Intelligent Lighting Systems

Intelligent LED Lighting

Intelligent Lighting Systems are saving industrial and commercial customers up to 90% on their lighting energy costs. From manufacturing facilities, to warehouses and transportation depots, the key to efficiency is integrated intelligence — sensing, controls, and wireless networking — and well-designed LED fixtures.

Digital Lumens award-winning portfolio of LED high-bay and linear LED fixtures deliver patented intelligence to a broad range of commercial and industrial environments, featuring:

  • Wireless integration with lighting control and management software
  • Daylight harvesting adjusts light output based on ambient light
  • Full-range dimming for visual comfort and optimal savings
  • Rotatable light bars enable custom light distribution
  • Integrated power metering measures and validates energy use

Software-based Lighting Control

  • Maximize & validate energy savings with software-based control strategies.
  • Reduce downtime & maintenance with wireless controls and diagnostics toavoid disrupting operations.
  • Ensure employee safety & comfort by leveraging advanced dimming and other lighting configurations to accommodate specific lighting needs. Guarantee safety and code compliance with automated testing and reporting of emergency lighting hardware.

Light Rules

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

  • Increase operational visibility with complete energy usage data from all equipment in the production line.
  • Improve business planning by monitoring energy trends over time. Track progress toward energy savings goals or project ROI and allocate production costs to departments or product lines.
  • Reduce Downtime by identifying deteriorating equipment and perform preventive maintenance.

Light Rules

Space Optimisation

  • Optimise traffic flow by leveraging heatmap reports for increased safety and efficiency.
  • Manage facility layout using occupancy data to repurpose underutilized real estate and reduce production bottlenecks.
  • Increase security using occupancy reports to identify and locate activity during off-hours or in restricted areas.

Heat Maps