O’Carroll Engineering
O’Carroll Engineering Ltd is a metal fabrication that delivers industrial and commercial metalwork solutions, from design through to finish fabrication. They operate double shifts out of an 80,000ft2 facility.

Project Detail

Having identified lighting as a key area for energy reduction, O’Carroll began searching for a suitable system to reduce energy consumption.

Project Requirements

O’Carroll set the following goals to achieve with this energy reduction initiative:

  • Reduced energy consumption and costs
  • Reduction and/or eliminate maintenance costs
  • Increased light levels on the factory floor
  • PereGreen Solution

    Having considered a number of potential solutions, O’Carroll identified the Digital Lumens system supplied through PereGreen Energy as the most suitable. PereGreen worked with a team of in-house electricians to complete the project:

  • Removed 250 existing fluorescent and metal halide fixtures and replaced them with 116 intelligent LED fixtures
  • Integrated occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting sensors
  • Integrated energy meter for wireless reporting and downloading of data.
  • Tailored light levels in particular ‘zones’ based on activity
  • Full 10 Year warranty, with no limitations on burn hours or switching cycles.
  • Results
  • Energy consumption reduced by 78%, representing annual energy savings 116,386 kWh
  • Total savings will exceed €160,000 over 10 years
  • Light levels on the work surface increased by 40% on average.
  • Annual maintenance costs reduced to zero
  • The facilities team can now accurately report their weekly/monthly consumption
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