Glan Agua
The Kerry Central Regional Water Supply Scheme provides water to approximately 62,000 customers in 9 water supply zones in Co. Kerry and also serves one of the main tourist regions in Ireland.

Project Detail

The scheme currently abstracts raw water from Lough Guitane but does not have an effective treatment system that incorporates a cryptosporidium barrier to treat the raw water. This project is needed to develop a new water treatment plant which will ensure a sustainable and secure supply of drinking water for all customers served by the scheme. When complete, the new water treatment plant will provide 51 million litres of treated water every day.

Project Requirements

In the initial photometric design stage, PereGreen designed a solution to solve a number of key challenges:

  • Complex plant layout
  • Lack of natural light (necessary ,for chemical-processing requirement)
  • Uniform lumen levels
  • Continuity of process
  • Suitable lighting required in a hazardous work environment
  • Complex plant layout with lack of natural light (necessary for chemical-processing requirement)
  • Requirement for uniform light levels throughout
  • System that requires zero ongoing maintenance due to height of the facility ensuring continuity of process is maintained during lifetime of building.
  • Emergency & escape route lighting
  • Fixtures to be suitably IP and IK rated for the type of environment.

In addition lighting design for the project, PereGreen also supplied all the lighting components for this project.

Estimated completion date: April 2018

Portfolio Categories:

Treatment Facilities