Bio Atlantis
BioAtlantis Ltd. is a biotechnology company working to provide solutions to problems caused by stresses in plants, animals and humans. They have a 30,000m2 facility in Co. Kerry.

Project Detail

BioAtlantis are in the process of upgrading their Kerry facility to incorporate a new processing plant. This plant is covers multiple levels with lighting requirements from 5m to 20m in height. While processing is heavily automated, it is an extreme work environment that requires excellent light levels throughout.

Project Requirements

Essential elements of the lighting upgrade included:

  • Maximum light levels for the processing areas
  • All fixtures to be IP65 rated for processing environment
  • Intelligent system, where practical
  • Emergency lighting & escape route design
  • Reduce ongoing maintenance, especially given the ceiling heights and the inaccessibility
  • PereGreen Solution

    PereGreen Energy designed the lighting for the entire processing facility, across multiple levels, including all exterior lighting and emergency lighting. This bespoke lighting solution included:

  • Occupancy sensors on all main thoroughfare lighting
  • All fixtures IP65 rated for wet environment
  • Emergency lighting throughout
  • Exterior wall mounted & pole mounted security lighting with high CRI for CCTV
  • High lux levels where there are staff doing manual work
  • Results
  • Energy consumption reduced by 89% versus equivalent metal halides
  • Annual maintenance cost savings of €4,800 per year
  • Average light levels above 300lx throughout the processing area
  • Light levels above 200lx on all access areas & walkways
  • Uniformity throughout – no shadowing
  • IP65 & Vaporproof fixtures top all wet, high temperature & high humidity areas
  • Wall mounted 200w LED security floodlighting around entire factory including silos
  • Portfolio Categories:

    Warehousing & Cold Storage