Supplying the automotive, aviation and industry sectors, RORA MOTION specialises in the production of large-scale industrial sealing systems, high-precision elastomer moulded parts, 2k composite parts, silicone moulded parts, plastic parts and assemblies. They operate 24/7 continuous shift patterns that requires high levels of light for detailed manufacturing.

Project Detail

RoRa Motions completed a large extension to their existing manufacturing facility in Co. Kerry. Efficiency & sustainability were key design criteria for the new wing. PereGreen Energy were contracted to design and install an energy-efficient lighting system.

Project Requirements:
  • Achieve optimum light levels
  • Maximize energy savings on a continuous shift patterns
  • Utilize the availability of natural light
  • Retrofit existing warehouse
  • Eliminate ongoing maintenance
  • Self-reporting of weekly/monthly consumption
  • Guaranteed 10-year warranty
  • PereGreen Solution

    PereGreen designed and installed a bespoke intelligent lighting solution using the Digital Lumens system. This included:

  • Installed intelligent connected LED fixtures complete with integrated occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting sensors
  • Tailored light levels for ‘zoned’ areas including task lighting for the inspection areas
  • Average lux levels of 400lx throughout the new facility with high uniformity
  • 10 Year warranty on the full system
  • Results
  • Achieved lighting energy savings of 81% across the facility
  • Light levels in the warehouse increased by 45% on average
  • Annual maintenance costs reduced to zero, a saving of €1,200 per year
  • Portfolio Categories:

    Warehousing & Cold Storage