South Doc
SouthDoc provides access to family doctor services for urgent medical needs in Kerry and Cork.

Project Detail

SouthDoc have multiple facilities in Cork & Kerry with a HQ and call centre in Killarney, Co. Kerry. With so many facilities, lighting energy costs, including ongoing maintenance costs, were a significant expenditure. SouthDoc contracted PereGreen Energy to audit all medical centres, identify the highest energy consuming locations and recommend and implement a suitable lighting solution.

Project Requirements

The following priorities were specified by the client:

  • Appropriate light levels for surgery & office environment
  • Prioritise employee and patient comfort
  • Emergency lighting upgrade
  • Occupancy sensors, where practical
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Access grant funding to offset the cost of the lighting upgrade
  • No interruption of service / ensure business continuity
  • PereGreen Solution

    PereGreen audited eight SouthDoc locations, including the headquarters in Killarney. We used a low wattage, high output LED Panel to replace the existing fluorescent lights, very often reducing the number of fixtures required. These LED Panels came with integrated Emergency backup so the lights remain on if there is a power cut. In bathrooms, hallways & staff areas, we used fixtures with integrated occupancy sensors, as these are generally areas where the lights are needlessly left on for hours. Exterior lighting is important as the doctors, on-call staff, paramedics all work at night and are often loading/unloading ambulances. We retrofitted all the exterior lighting with weatherproof exterior LED flood lighting. The high efficiency of these lamps allowed them to remain on all night, at minimal running cost.

  • Energy consumption reduced by 70%
  • Annual energy savings 130,000 kWh
  • Maintenance costs eliminated, saving €5,200 per year
  • Grant financing contribution of 25% of the project cost
  • Project payback less than 1.5 years.
  • Portfolio Categories:

    Retail & Office